Nicole Koeltzow
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I highly recommend hiring Mandy as a birding guide. She help me get some of the hardest birds in Kauai, Hawaii on a custom trip on my ABA Big Year 2018. We got the Anianiau, Kauai Amakihi, Akeke’e, Akikiki, and Puaiaohi along the Mohihi-Waiale Trail. We hiked 7 to 8 miles to achieve this goal 2 different days in a row. It is tough up-and-down terrain and wet and muddy in places but breath taking too. She is willing to go the distance by returning the next day and hiking rain or shine. Always pointing out hazard spots that could possibly trip you up. She is very friendly and easy to talk to you if you want to talk. Outstanding birder that will find the birds for you.