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Embark on an unforgettable Hawaiian adventure with Hawaii Bird Tours, where we offer two distinct yet equally captivating multi-day, multi-island excursions. Each tour is designed to immerse you in the stunning beauty of Hawaii, whether you’re a birding enthusiast or just someone who loves a good adventure. Curated by Mandy, a lifelong birder and our proud owner, in collaboration with Patti, a renowned Hawaiian historian and adventure guide, this tour is a dream for birders and their non-birding companions alike. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a mix of birding, adventure, and cultural exploration. We offer guided gentle hikes and 4 comfortable trips out on the water in search of Hawaii’s rare marine life, endangered birds, and unparalleled beauty with oceanfront accommodations and scrumptious local meals on our Birding & Beyond in Hawaii.(opens in a new tab)

For the pure birding enthusiasts, join Mandy on the ultimate all-inclusive Hawaii birding tourHawaii’s Endemics to Pelagics(opens in a new tab). After years of experience with top birding tour operators, Mandy has crafted this exceptional 9-day journey focused on discovering Hawaii’s endemic forest birds, majestic seabirds, native water birds, visiting shorebirds, and introduced species. You’ll be guided by Hawaii’s premier local experts and stay in comfortable oceanfront accommodations, enjoying delicious meals along the way.


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