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Discover Oahu's Beautiful Birdlife & Breathtaking Landscapes

Explore the natural beauty of Oahu with expert guides where we offer unrivaled birdwatching experiences on the island. Our Oahu Endemic Birding Adventure(opens in a new tab) invites you on a gentle hike through the lush valleys where we spot colorful endemic forest birds in their natural habitat and appreciate the glorious scenery. For a more comprehensive experience, the Ultimate Oahu Birding Experience(opens in a new tab) takes you beyond the forests and parks to enjoy the best of Oahu’s birding, from the vibrant rainforests to the rugged southeastern coastline where you’ll find a diverse range of species and embrace the full spectrum of Oahu’s natural beauty as we go where most other tour operators don’t – away from the crowds on popular day tours!

If neither of these tours offer quite what you are looking for, be sure to check out our Custom Tours(opens in a new tab) and craft your ideal Oahu birding tour.


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