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Maui Birding Tours - Coming Soon

At Hawaii Bird Tours, we’re committed to delivering the best and most conservation-friendly tours across Hawaii, and we hope to offer birding tours in Maui in the near future. Our tours are always designed to educate and inspire joy, highlighting the importance of conservation efforts in the wake of environmental challenges. To stay updated on the status of our endangered birds, access as birders to view them, the conservation initiatives in place to help save them, what you can do to help, and our evolving tour offerings, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter.

If you would like to hire Mandy and/ or Patti for a customized private excursion on Maui. We are happy to cater to your requests as best we can based on our availability, and for those of you traveling alone, or seeking a more affordable option, we recommend booking a day trip with our friend Wendy(opens in a new tab). For more information about why we aren’t currently offering tours in Maui right now, please check out our FAQ page(opens in a new tab).


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