Kauai Amakihi

Birding Big Island

Leave the city of Honolulu behind to experience the best wildlife viewing Oahu has to offer while searching for some of Hawaii’s most beautiful birds. This full day trip is the ultimate introduction to Oahu’s wildlife with short, casual walks and often includes incidental big waves, sea turtle, and monk seal sightings.

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“I spent two incredible days birding the Big Island with Mandy Talpas with a result of 51 species including every Hawaiian Endemic on the Big Island. Mandy has an incredible eye and ear for local birds and knows where to go for birds. She is knowledgeable, flexible and demonstrates a willingness to cater to the style of her clients. I am not surprised that at the time of writing this review, every review she has is 5 stars. Whether you want to spend one day on a single island or multiple days across the islands, Mandy is the only guide you will need.”

Meet Your Guide, Mandy Talpas

My goal with every birding trip is to help you view, learn about, and enjoy more birds! Whether you envision casually cruising the coastline in search of seabirds, chasing after endemic forest birds, exploring local hot spots, or all of the above. I am dedicated to providing customized excursions to create your ultimate Hawaii birding experience.

My promise on every eco-tour is to ensure that each guest is having a great time while learning about Hawaii’s alluring flora and fauna. When I’m not guiding I am proud to be involved in local avian conservation initiatives. I look forward to sharing Hawaii’s beautiful birds, unique wildlife, and the projects in place to help save them, with you.

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Supporting Local Conservation Efforts

Hawaii Bird Tours fosters wildlife conservation through environmental awareness and education with every guest. Mandy supports local non-profits, is a proud volunteer of grass-root conservation initiatives, and is honored to work for Pacific Rim Conservation on their translocation of Laysan and Black-footed albatross and their Oahu Elepaio Recovery Project.

Why Go With Hawaii Bird Tours?

Quality Tours

Mandy is a full-time guide who is passionate about birds and nature and is excited to share her knowledge with you.

Keen Birding Senses

Mandy can identify sounds, plumages and flight patterns of almost every species—just what you should expect when hiring an experienced guide.

Flexibility and Fun

Mandy is easy-going and willing to cater to you in every regard. Birding and traveling are supposed to be enjoyable, and pleasant personalities make for pleasant experiences.

Support a Local Guide

You’ll see more and simply have an overall better experience! Mandy strives to share Hawaii’s history, culture, flora and fauna while personally catering to each guest.