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Meet Your Guide, Mandy Talpas

My goal with every birding adventure is to help you view, learn about, and enjoy more birds! Whether you envision casually cruising the coastline in search of shorebirds, chasing after endemic forest birds, embarking on a pelagic birding expedition, exploring local hot spots, or all of the above. I am dedicated to providing customized wildlife excursions and the best all-inclusive eco-tours to create your ultimate birding experience.

Tours with Hawaii Birding Mandy
Hawaii Birding Tours with Mandy

As a tremendous lover of birds and wildlife, I have dedicated my life to avian conservation. From the time I was a young girl, I collected natural history observations in my backyard, volunteered at a wildlife rehabilitation and education center, and rescued many unwanted pet parrots. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from East Stroudsburg University and began conducting environmental education programs as a Naturalist, a Lead Conservation Educator at an AZA-accredited zoo, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary and a Bird Banding and Education Specialist at the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. I continued to broaden my scientific studies and field skills with the Ornithology Lab at Villanova University. My passion for parrots led me to the remote forests of Manu, Peru, where I worked to save endangered macaws, as well as studying tropical ecology in Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

I’m grateful to have begun a new life in Hawaii as a professional bird and nature guide. I’ve worked across the islands as a field technician, an avian ecologist and a biological consultant. After juggling multiple jobs and working for several other nature tour operators I took the leap to start up my very own birding tour company. Since then, I’ve led and managed birding tours in Hawaii for the American Birding Association, Rockjumper, Wings, Alvaro’s Adventures and many more.

Conservatin Work on Oahu
Birding Tours with Mandy in Hawaii

When I’m not guiding or traveling, I enjoy promoting traditional Arabic performing arts, sharing laughs with my rescued cockatoos, hiking with friends, soaking up some sun on the beach and volunteering with local avian conservation initiatives. I look forward to sharing Hawaii’s eclectic culture, beautiful birds, unique wildlife, and the projects in place to help save them with you.

Why Go With Hawaii Bird Tours?

Quality Tours

Expert tours with reasonable rates: Mandy is passionate about birds and nature. She is excited to share her knowledge with everyone and loves guiding. She is a self-employed professional working full time to earn her living.

Keen Birding Senses

Mandy has sharpened her skill set with quick attention to detail to get you on the bird. She can identify sounds, plumages and flight patterns of almost every species, just what you should expect when hiring an experienced guide.

Patience, Flexibility, and Fun

Mandy is easy-going and willing to cater to you in every regard. While she takes her job seriously, Mandy doesn’t take herself too seriously. After all, birding and traveling are supposed to be enjoyable; and pleasant personalities make for pleasant experiences.

Support a Local Guide

You’ll see more and simply have an overall better experience! Mandy has spent years researching the best birding locations, accommodations, restaurants and acquiring the appropriate permits, licenses and insurances to run a responsible, eco-conscious, reputable, local business.

Supporting Local Conservation Efforts

Mandy fosters wildlife conservation through environmental awareness and education with every guest. She supports local non-profits, is a proud volunteer of conservation initiatives, and is honored to fundraise for Pacific Rim Conservation, Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project and Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Project.

See Why We Have Dozens of 5-star Reviews

“Mandy is a wonderful guide! This woman absolutely lives and breathes birds… and it shows in the enthusiasm and passion she exudes while guiding! Nothing beats local experience and know-how, and Mandy provides that in spades!”

“Mandy is a holistic birder and a joy to have as a guide. She tailored our trip to find the birds we requested. Highly recommended!”

“Mandy is so professional, knowledgeable and friendly! We could not have had a better bird expert on this tour! Thank you for being so passionate about the birds and for your conservation work as well. “

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